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Welcome to wonderful NUEVA VIZCAYA !

  This special page is my manifest desire to promote our country’s tourism and keep my kababayan informed, visually guided, and updated about our wonderful Province of VIZCAYA

  I’m sure you will be fascinated by its breath-taking natural wonders abound and various recreational facilities and FUNtastic attractions.
    Delight yourselves in the exotic paradise of beauty, interest and adventure, and feel the pleasures of the people’s bayanihan spirit and hospitality.
    Come along and experience the finest things the province could offer. Be captivated by its people distinctive qualities.
   Discover and appreciate the works of creative local artists, their handicrafts and souvenir mementos.
   Experience our rich cultural heritage. Learn more about our culture, traditions, and colorful history.  
   Dine and savor our tasty distinctive foods, innovative cuisine with a homemade touch, and accompanied with personable and attentive service.
  Traveling taught me a few things; one of the most useful is that the best way to know more of our local kababayan is through its markets. 
   Visit its markets that serve the best in fresh fruits, organic vegetables and gourmet food items. Your shopping list will engorge with goodies to bring home. 
   Learn the best places to recreate, enjoy and cherish a truly fascinating experience, and much, much more. In short, here is Just the Best !

Here’s to a worthwhile provincial journey !

Mabunying paglalakbay para sa lahat !


Theme: TRIBU BISCAYANO: Pagkilala, Pagtanaw, Pagsulong

   Majority of the people in Nueva Vizcaya are Ilocanos. Gaddangs, Ibanags, Ifugaos, Bungkalots, and Kankanais from the minority. The province celebrates the Panagyaman (Thanksgiving) Festival on the last week of May to coincide with the founding anniversary of the province. The festival features street dancing, cultural presentation, agro-industrial fair, sports competition, and beauty pageant.

Alfonso Castaneda
Dupax del Norte
Dupax del Sur
Santa Fe

   More than mountain peaks, breathtaking waterfalls, and the mystical caves; the Province of Nueva Vizcaya offers a unique cultural experience with our multi-ethnic indigenous people.
   You may choose to commune with nature, marvel at our cultural and historical attractions or simply appreciate the Vizcayano ingenuity in the arts and crafts. Gifted with a temperate climate and agriculturally rich lands, Nueva Vizcaya is likewise a major producer of high value crops, vegetables, and cutflowers.
   Indeed, the Province of Nueva Vizcaya has evolved to be the transformation of ethnic diversity into a rich amalgam of a resilient culture that responds well on the dynamic requirements of social change and development.
   Warm friendly and hospitable Novo Vizcayanos await you. Welcome to Nueva Vizcaya!

NUEVA VIZCAYA Places of Interest/Tourist Destinations 


Historical Attractions

Dalton Pass
A rugged piece of terrain where Caraballo Sur reaches south and joins with the Sierra Madre. Being the only access between Pampanga and Cagayan Valley, the pass became the scene of much bloody fighting during the final stages of WW II and bore witness to the death of almost 17,000 Japanese, American, and Filipino soldiers. Commemorative markers stand by the road’s highest point, which also offers a good view into the headlands. The Dalton Pass National Shrine commemorates the death of General Dalton by a sniper’s bullet during WW II. At 3,000 feet above sea level, Dalton Pass is also the gateway to the Cagayan Valley Region and the Ifugao Rice Terraces.

Kirang Pass
A monument to the gallantry of the Japanese and Filipino soldiers during WW II, located at Barangay Kirang, municipality of Aritao, about 50 kilometers from Bayombong. Built in 1978 by the Rakunsankai Society of Japan, it was recently rebuilt using a black glazed stone, and a memorial was engraved in the tablet in Japanese and English. Also offers a breathtaking view of reforested mountains and hills.

Natural Attractions
Mt. Pulag National Park (Kayapa & Ambaguio)
The gateway to Mt. Pulag, the country’s second highest peak at 2,922 feet above sea level. Accessible by foot from the capital town of Bayombong and located west towards the boundary of Nueva Vizcaya and Benguet. The trail in Ambaguio town, 20 km. from Bayombong, promises a different kind of terrain from gradual ascent to rugged path amid mossy forests and cold temperature. Before the peak lies an area of Bonzai forests followed by grasslands with dwarf bamboos. A perfect ecotourism destination, the park is home to rare plants like the pitcher plant and rare animals like the giant cloud rat and whiskered pitta. Mt. Pulag provides resources to the indigenous Kalanguya, Ibaloy, Kankanaey, and Karao tribes.

Mt. Palali
1,705 meters above sea level, bounded by the municipalities of Quezon and Bayombong. Once the hunting ground of the Bugkalots, Gaddangs, and Ifugaos, this majestic mountain range offers a magnificent view of the low-lying municipalities of the province. Its diptherocarp forest contains a unique diversity of flora and fauna (bonsai forest, wild orchids and flowers). It was once the crash site of a WW II tora-tora plane.

Capisaan Cave System
The fifth longest cave system in the country and ranked among of the best, considered a geologist’s paradise due to its varying rare calcite formations and unique stalagmite and stalactite formations. Within its four kilometer length is a subterranean river that doubles as a passageway to the best part of this multi-chambered cave. Part of the cave network are the Lion and Alayan Caves, measuring 4.2 kilometers and relatively new hotspots, located in Brgy. Capisaan, Malabing Valley, Kasibu town.
Tours can be arranged with the Sang-at Salug Mountaineering Club or the Provincial Government of Nueva Vizcaya. The spelunking adventure tour includes an orchard tour at Brgy. Malabing, Kasibu, where the famous perante oranges grow. Kasibu is about one and a half hours from Bayombong.

Heaven Cave (Brgy. Capisaan, Kasibu)
Features two big chambers of various calcite formations and a mezzanine of pure white limestones that has to be explored barefoot. Brgy. Capisaan is about four hours by jeep from Solano, on feeder-and-clay-soil road curved out of mountain sides. Other caves in the area are Alayan, Lion, and Sabrina.
Imugan Waterfalls (Sta. Fe, Nueva Vizcaya)
A 35-foot two-level falls with a shallow catch basin of refreshing mountain spring interestingly located between two mountains. Trek over streams and rivers emanating from the falls. Enjoy trekking, exploration, swimming, fishing, and cultural immersion. Accessible by a 30-minute hike from Imugan poblacion which is about 30 minutes from the national highway.

There are many excellent places to visit, especially
1. The Capitol Park - The "Luneta of the North". Ellegantly landscaped, this 8-hectare park sports a boating lagoon, fountain and wishing well, picnic huts and sports facilities, and murals depicting some significant legends, the indigenous tribes and major attractions of the province.

2. Bayombong Children's Park - located at the heart of the town and is a good playground of children. It is equipped with swings, slides, etc  

3. St. Dominic Cathedral - It is located at the heart of the town and it boasts of having the best sounding church bells in the country. The structure is made of bricks and rare church antiques.  

4. The People's Museum and Library - This two-storey historical building, where the provincial government was formerly seated, is now housing the Novo Vizcayano history and heritage.  

5. Bangan Hill - A historic landmark and cultural treasure. Great for hiking enthusiasts. "Stations of the Cross" celebrated here in Lent.  

6. The Rizal Shrine - located at Barangay Casat, Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya. 
7. St. Vincent Ferrer Church - a heritage structure in Dupax  

8. Salinas Salt Spring in Bambang  

9. Mapallao Falls in Quezon  

10. Lower Magat Eco-tourism Park - a 1,000 hectare forest reserve in Diadi  

11. Mount Palali in the Bayombong-Quezon Boundary has a height of 1,705 meters and offers a good view of the Magat River Valley

      Religious Attractions

      St. Dominic Cathedral
      It is located at the heart of the town and it boasts of having the best sounding church bells in the country. The structure is made of bricks and rare church antiques. Preserved to become the first cathedral in the province. Razed twice and rebuilt in the same old site, it is now approximately twice its original size. It maintains its original 18th century Spanish style façade.

      St. Vincent Ferrer Church (Dupax del Sur)
      One of the oldest and biggest churches in North Luzon, constructed in the 16th century as commissioned by two Augustinian priests. Declared by the National Museum as a National Cultural Treasure, it features a belltower that is among the town’s well-preserved Spanish colonial monuments and an ecclesiastical museum. Beside the church is what is acclaimed as the oldest acacia tree (Semanea-saman) in Luzon, planted by settlers from Nueva Ecija in 1880. Reachable in 45 minutes from Bayombong town proper.

      Man-Made Attractions

      Villa Margarita Mountain Resort
      It rests on rolling hills and has spring-fed pools and water slides. The Banaue Rice Terraces, eighth World Wonder, is only two hours away. Located some 260 kilometers from Manila along the Maharlika Highway at Barangay Busilac, Bayombong.

      Nueva Vizcaya Capitol Complex
      A study of architectural ingenuity, the complex built by Governor Patricio Dumlao has a park with exotic plant species, concrete benches and sidewalks lighted with giant mercury lamps, a water pool, and a man-made lagoon ideal for rowing the colorful miniboats that are offered for rent and managed by a group of handicapped workers. Located along the national highway, it also houses the provincial offices of government.


      Panagyaman Festival / Nueva Vizcaya Day (May 19-24)
      Celebrated with parades, beauty pageant, trade shows, and agro-industrial fair, among others.

      Citrus Festival (Malabing Valley, Kasibu; August)
      During the festivities, visitors are allowed to pick-and-pay in the town’s popular citrus farms.

      Kalanguya Festival
      Celebrates the indigenous way of life of the Kalanguya tribe in the town of Sta. Fe.

      Special Interest Tours
      Ecotourism Adventure
      Trekking/spelunking at Alayan Caves and Malabing Rainforest and Citrus Farms, Kasibu, Nueva Vizcaya. You may also try to explore Mt. Pulog Natural Park from Kayapa or Ambaguio.

      Province of NUEVA VIZCAYA


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