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Province of KALINGA

Welcome to wonderful KALINGA !

  This special page is my manifest desire to promote our country’s tourism and keep my kababayan informed, visually guided, and updated about our wonderful Province of KALINGA

  I’m sure you will be fascinated by its breath-taking natural wonders abound and various recreational facilities and FUNtastic attractions.

    Delight yourselves in the exotic paradise of beauty, interest and adventure, and feel the pleasures of the people’s bayanihan spirit and hospitality.

    Come along and experience the finest things the province could offer. Be captivated by its people distinctive qualities.

   Discover and appreciate the works of creative local artists, their handicrafts and souvenir mementos.

   Experience our rich cultural heritage. Learn more about our culture, traditions, and colorful history.  

   Dine and savor our tasty distinctive foods, innovative cuisine with a homemade touch, and accompanied with personable and attentive service.

  Traveling taught me a few things; one of the most useful is that the best way to know more of our local kababayan is through its markets. 
   Visit its markets that serve the best in fresh fruits, organic vegetables and gourmet food items. Your shopping list will engorge with goodies to bring home. 

   Learn the best places to recreate, enjoy and cherish a truly fascinating experience, and much, much more. In short, here is Just the Best!

Here’s to a worthwhile provincial journey !

Mabunying paglalakbay para sa lahat !

Tizal (Liwan)

KALINGA Tourist Destinations 

Aguinaldo Hill 
Located at Barangay Asibanglan-Pinukpuk Road at Allaguia junction. This hill was used as a common post by Gen, Aguinaldo during the Philippine-American war.
Mini-Museum of Kalinga
Initiated and established by the Kalinga Special Development Authority situated in their office building at Bulano, Tabuk.
Sungang View Point 
The viewpoint affords a majestic view of the valleys villages and mountains of Tinglayan, Tanudan, Tabuk and Lubuangan. A very good view of the Tulgao and Dananao Rice Terraces can be seen at the view point.
Palan-ah falls and hotsprings 
This waterfalls is located at Tulgao West, Tinglayan. The name is derived from the native term "Pinalpallang-ah" which means chair. The falls spray down from approximately 100 meters above forming a pool where during a sunny day, one practically swims at the end of the rainbow.
Mt. Mating-oy Dinayao (Sleeping Beauty)
These fabled mountain ranges border the municipalities of Tinglayan and Tanudan and they take the form of a sleeping lady supinely lying its back. A vantage view of the profile can be seen from the Sungang view or from Basao.
Tinglayan Rice Terraces 
From the Sungang View Point, the Dananao and Tulgao Rice Terraces can be viewed. These rice terraces are like an amphitheater along the whole mountain slopes.
Lubo and Mangali Rice Terraces 
The rice terraces surrounds the villages of Lubo. The best time to view the rice terraces is during the planting season and when the rice terraces is already ready for harvest.
Mount Binaratan 
This fabled mountain is located in Dacalan. It is the entry point of General Emilio Aguinaldo during his retreat to Kalinga.
Tiga-aran aran Kabunian 
This area is located above Barangay Lubo at the source of Gaburao Creek. At the side is a cave where Kabunian stayed while sawing lumber for his house.
Ugid Maling Subterranean River 
Located four kilometers away from Poblacion, Balbalan and a good three and a half hours ride from the Capitol Town. It is a maze of cavernous boulders and rocks a top each other forming a cavern.
Balbalasang National Park 
This is a monument of the opposition of the Kalingas against the logging companies.
Buaya Caves
It is similar to Sagada Caves with stalactites and stalagmites formation. The caves are interconnected with each other and cover the whole mountain slope.
Aciga Tree 
This is perhaps the biggest acacia tree in Kalinga within a village. It is found at the school ground of the Aciga Elementary School and it is rumored that the tree is a landmark for the treasures of Yamashita.
Bonnong Lakes and Asibanglan Lakes 
This is a mountain lake in Pinukpuk where eels thrive and can be recommended area for research.
Aguinaldo Hill
This is the hill where the Katipuneros made their last stand in Kalinga from pursuing the American from Abra.Padcharao Lake 
The name is derived from the plants that abounds in the lake called "Chargo" in the Pasil and is located approximately from 1800 to 2000 meters above sea level.
Pasil Natural Dam 
Located at Puapo, Dangtalan and was formed after the mountain side eroded. It is ideal for boating and picnic site during the summer months.
Kabunian Bridge and Springs 
These two natural landmarks are found in Maglucsad and Galdang respectively.
This village has its historical importance to Kalinga as the retreat haven of President Aguinaldo. This is where the Headquarters were located and the campsite.
Malibong Weavers Village 
This is the center of the ethnic weaving industry in the province. The village is along the road and one can buy souvenirs right from the weavers.
Bananao and Manangol Viewpoint 
This is along the road towards Tinglayan and on can have a panoramic view of the Chico River.
Elephant Hill 
This is located in Rizal and is a site of an archeological digging where the other half of the remains of the elephant dug.
Capitol Tourism Plaza 
The tourism plaza is located at the Capitol Ground and one can have a view of the Tabuk Valley.
Rizal Lagoon 
A man made lagoon fronting the Rizal Municipal Hall. 

Man-Made Wonders
Chico Dam 
Project located at Sitio Ngipen, Calanasan, Tabuk, constructed by the National Irrigation Administration.
Rice Terraces 
Rice terraces at Barangay Tulgao, Tinglayan, 14 kilometers from the National Highway Road could be reached by vehicle. The barangay road was constructed by Father Gilbert Obin, a catholic missionary assigned in Tinglaya. It offers a better panoramic view of the rice terraces and the sprawling villages of the different barangays of Tinglayan.

 Province of KALINGA

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