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Province of QUIRINO

Welcome to wonderful QUIRINO !

  This special page is my manifest desire to promote our country’s tourism and keep my kababayan informed, visually guided, and updated about our wonderful Province of QUIRINO

  I’m sure you will be fascinated by its breath-taking natural wonders abound and various recreational facilities and FUNtastic attractions.

    Delight yourselves in the exotic paradise of beauty, interest and adventure, and feel the pleasures of the people’s bayanihan spirit and hospitality.

    Come along and experience the finest things the province could offer. Be captivated by its people distinctive qualities.

   Discover and appreciate the works of creative local artists, their handicrafts and souvenir mementos.

   Experience our rich cultural heritage. Learn more about our culture, traditions, and colorful history.  

   Dine and savor our tasty distinctive foods, innovative cuisine with a homemade touch, and accompanied with personable and attentive service.

  Traveling taught me a few things; one of the most useful is that the best way to know more of our local kababayan is through its markets. 
   Visit its markets that serve the best in fresh fruits, organic vegetables and gourmet food items. Your shopping list will engorge with goodies to bring home. 

   Learn the best places to recreate, enjoy and cherish a truly fascinating experience, and much, much more. In short, here is Just the Best !

Here’s to a worthwhile provincial journey !

Mabunying paglalakbay para sa lahat !

Quirino province was blessed with diverse natural resources, such as awesome caves, rivers, breathtaking waterfalls, mountains and valleys, forests, plantations, and minerals.

It is tagged as “Where adventure begins."

“The Heart of Quirino Province”
“The Golden Park of the Province”

“Gateway to Quirino Province”

“Commercial Growth Center of Quirino”

 “The Land of Origins”

 “The Rice Granary of the Province”

   Showcasing the unique culture, convergence of all tribes and colorful history of the Province of Quirino.
It is celebrated every month of September every year which coincides with the Araw ng Quirino Foundation.
Every Municipality has its own festival which features their unique culture and practices.

Diffun- Pammadayaw Festival    A celebration that inspires those who are productive and achievers in any field of expertise and vocation through recognition and giving honors or “Pammadayaw” It is one of our great Filipino virtues that we treasure and cherish because it serves as a motivation for better governance and public service, people empowerment, meaningful development on health, environment and agriculture. It is being celebrated every July 1-3 of the year.

Cabarroguis- Ginnamuluan Festival 
   Encompasses all desirable, admirable traits, characteristics and virtues of the Filipino who care for the lives of their families and fellows, and who have that strong, deep concern, care and social awareness for general welfare. It is celebrated every June 19-21 of the year at the town of Cabarroguis.

Saguday- Pagay-Pagay Festival
   Is a symbolism of the industry, perseverance and zeal of the rice producing people towards the realization of their common aspirations of development and sustaining Saguday as the rice granary of the province. It is celebrated every April 7-8 of the year.

Aglipay- Panagsalukag Festival
   It signifies the value of hardwork and industry of Aglipayanos, highlighted by their habit in rising at early dawn going to work, working in the farm, and leaving for home at dusk. The enjoyment of the work attributes is expressed through laughter, dances, chants, songs and fun. It creates relaxation and excitement to overcome the hardship of farming.    Nowadays, these activities were transformed into Panagsalukag Festival which is regularly celebrated every July 27-28 of the year.

Maddela- Panagsasalog Festival
   It reflects the traditional customs of going to farm at dawn where their works generally located at lowlands and leaving for home at nightfall. The festivity portrays how communal activities are conducted manifesting thanks to the Lord for a bounty harvest. It shows the old practice of “bayanihan” in the festivities. The festival is being celebrated every month of June 12-15 at the town of Maddela.

Nagtipunan- Penenkakasisit Festival
  It is a yearly festivity in celebration of the creation of the municipality. It is the convergence of all tribes and cultures of the municipality in cooperation and celebration. It features the indigenous tribes which is the “Ilongots” they are the original cultural communities of the area/or the first settlers in the province. Part of the celebration is the portrayal of their primitive cultural practices like PADONG as the war dance and the TAGUEM which portrays their practice from courtship to wedding. Festivity on every 22-25th of February.

  1. Governor Rapids in Maddela
  2. Aglipay Cave
  3. Nagbukel Cave in Diffun
  4. Maddela Waterfalls
  5. Mactol Waterfalls in Nagtipunan with unexplored rainforests deep in the Sierra Mountains
  6. Bimmapor Rock Formations in Nagtipunan
Natural Attractions

Nagbukel Municipal Tree Park and Nature Resort
Located at Barangay Luttuad, Diffun, and Quirino with an area of 16 hectares. Its special natural features are its glamorous caves, rocky limestone mountains with forest vegetation of small trees, and forest trees plantation, lying beside the grandeur Ganano river, a tributary to Cagayan River. Nagbukel can be described best of its breathtaking landscape similar to a helmet landscape towns. Presently there are road trails and rock walls terraces. 

The Nagbukel Cave is a round shape that was developed by the lamplighter, a religious sector. Located along the provincial road of the town of Diffun, the first municipality of Quirino Province. It serves as a view deck, as its top reveals the view of the surroundings and nearby Santiago City, in the province of Isabela. 

Located at barangay Rizal, Diffun, Quirino with an area of almost one hectare with its mystic bubbling hot water and surrounded by secondary growth forest and surrounded by an ashen rock formation. A fifteen minute ride from the town proper via an all weather type of road. Local tourists love to visit the place for its alluring and unique spring water for picnic, fishing and swimming.

Located at barangay Gabriela, Diffun, Quirino with an area of thirty hectares with enchanting waterfalls, enthralling lagoon and forest trees plantation that surrounds the area. The place is also best known for its natural monuments, wildlife habitat of mammal and birds and species of flora present. A twenty (20) minute ride from the town proper passing through an all weather road.

Located at barangay Don Mariano Perez, Diffun, Quirino with an area of thirty (30) hectares. Its special natural features are it’s almost 200 feet high clean and crystalline waterfalls down to its bluish lagoon and goes as tributary to the Ganano river, presence of virgin forest surrounding the area. Almost a one hour walk on a trail from the Quirino provincial road passing through a blossoming flowers of wild orchids and forty five minutes travel by car from the town. The area is known for its natural monuments and wildlife habitat. 

Located at barangay Rizal, Diffun, Quirino with an area of ten (10) hectares and known for its panoramic breast shape like mountain and could view its surrounding fields and the Ganano river and local tourists love to visit the area during Lenten season for picnicking and sightseeing. A ten minute ride from the town proper since half of the roadway is being cemented.
      There were a lot of improvements and amenities that can be seen around the place like cogon cottages, steps and its agro forestry as it were manage by an Ina-ina, a religious sector who reside near the area. There were a lot of facilities that can still be introduced like construction of rest rooms, cemented steps and more cottages and hall.
      The panoramic view of SUSONG DALAGA in Cabarroguis creates a pleasant atmosphere to the tourists; it is perfectly contoured like a woman’s breast. Hence its name Susong Dalaga. This breathtaking natural landscape at the capital town of Cabarroguis is perfect destination for trekkers who love to commune in nature. 

      Located at barangay Liwayway, Diffun, Quirino with an area of 25 hectares. Its special natural features are its glaring limestone formation, wide array of secondary forest of small trees, 15 scattered caves series with enigmatic underground river and presence of bat caves in the area. The area is known of its natural monuments and wildlife habitat. A twenty (20) minute ride from the town proper passing through by an all weather road.
          A majestic two stages waterfalls. the first stage has an approximately height of 20 feet pouring down into an estimated 80 meters long streams which water flows down into another hills creating an approximately 30 feet falls. Below the falls is a flowing pool basin approximately15 diameter. The Place offers not only a scenic beauty but it is a best place to swim during summer due to its cool and fresh water. Tucod waterfalls lies 17 kilometers away from the poblacion, it is located in one the Barangays of Cabarroguis. 

         The hot spring is located near the river almost at the boundary of adjacent Barangay Dibibi. Locals claim that the hot spring is connected with another hot spring located at the waterbed of the river.

        Home of Rare Species Soft Shelled turtle (Endangered Specie – Cagot) 
          Discovery of a turtle known as juvenile cantor’s soft shelled turtle locally known as “cagot” in one of the barangay of Cabarroguis was considered as one potential tourist attraction of the municipality. The habitat of this species is part of the fish sanctuary established mid 90 in barangay Eden.
         In 1990, establishment of fish sanctuary in Barangay Eden was undertaken. This is to protect the habitat of various species of fishes found in the streams that transverse along the Barangay where the Cagot lives. Barangay Eden is about 7 kilometers away from the urban core of the municipality.

        It has an area of 101 hectares of forest surrounding the cave chambers that provide a refuges for vegetation, wildlife and recreation. Among the 37 caves in the compound, eight chambers have been develop for caving tours.
        The Aglipay Caves in Barangay Villa Ventura, Aglipay, Quirino. This spectacular formation of stalagmites in the cave was formed from minerals deposited by dripping water. The stalagmites are usually larger in diameter than stalactites. If stalactites and stalagmites meet, they form a column.

        Located at San Benigno, Aglipay, Quirino

        The Victoria Falls is located in the southwestern part of Aglipay town at a distance of 15-kilometers from San Leonardo, the municipal center of commerce and government as well as situated 26-kilometers away from capital town of Cabarroguis.
        The Waterfalls are segregated into five levels of down pouring stretch, elegantly on almost vertical rocky walls including its both sides which serve to contain its descending waterway and adjacently covered by forest trees and forage. Its rocky pedestals, graciously endowed with refreshing lagoons which submerged the splashing sound of water flows into tranquility of coolness. Herbs and vines shadow its surface with sparkling color of bluish green making the existence of perfect nature sight.
        Water spring is also present in the site and could be tapped as source of potable water supply for needs of the resort including the operation of plant nurseries.

        Addalam River is prominently traversing the mid-section of Aglipay town, serving its local folks in their upland and lowland farming as well as provide sustaining source of fishes and shells for local consumption. Livestock and fowl production also depend on the river for its water supply. These uses make Addalam as the lifeblood of the municipality
        Several tributaries from southwestern mountain ranges merged at the area of barangays Alicia which formed the Addalam river and passing through some barangays of Cabarroguis town such as Dingasan, Debibi and Eden. Its mighty stretch caused the construction of Addalam Dam with a length of 190-meters and height of 9.20 meters, impounding water for the irrigation supply of more than 4,000-hectares of lowland farms and benefited more than 10,000 farming population.
        The essentiality of the Addalam River had included in-depth appreciation of its potential for complete tourism destination when fully developed in combination with the implementation of watersheds regeneration initiatives. Ensuring water abundances and adequacy is naturally a tourist attraction itself and create local jobs as well as contribute to desirable economic growth.

         Maddela Water Falls & Forest Resort
        Seven-staged waterfalls entice the visitors to swim into its crystal pools characterized as the favorite Picnic and swimming area for tourists. Maddela Waterfalls & Forest Resorts is a favorite among locals. Plunge into its crystal pools and lounge in the cool shade of its picnic areas. An excellent site for nature retreat and a day of relaxation.

        Governor’s Rapids & Caves
        Is famous for its gigantic limestone formations which serves as shelter for the Dumagats and to the adventurers. A tributary to the mighty Cagayan River which has received numerous awards for being the cleanest inland Bodies of water in the region. Best for adventure kayaking and rafting or simply boating.    

            A tributary of the mighty Cagayan River which has received numerous awards for being the “Cleanest Inland Body of Water” in the region. Its limestone formations serve as a natural shelter to the Dumagats. Have the adventure kayaking and rafting its water, or be lured to climb its limestone cliffs.

           Towering falls of approximately 30-50 meters high with a spacious and almost perfect bowl-shaped basin with rich biodiversity.
        DAGKAN LAKE 
          An elliptical shaped-lake with unpolluted crystal blue and habitual sanctuary of aquatic fish species situated at the ridge of a mountain of Matmad.

          Has duplex Buildings for overnight stay, concrete cottages and camping tents for rent, the pavilion hall is under construction.

        TAYGUIDO FALLS  With various falls [about 3 falls] with more or less 300 meters distance in between with rich biodiversity. It is located at barangays Wasid.

        A bat sanctuary with biodiversity around the cave

        Located at Sitio Sinabagan, Landingan. It was formerly used as ancestral burial place of Agta & Ilongots. 

        APANG CAVE 
        With three distinct chambers facing cagayan river.

        With subterranean river connecting the adjacent falls of La Conwap.

        Province of QUIRINO

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