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Province of IFUGAO

Welcome to wonderful IFUGAO !

  This special page is my manifest desire to promote our country’s tourism and keep my kababayan informed, visually guided, and updated about our wonderful Province of IFUGAO

  I’m sure you will be fascinated by its breath-taking natural wonders abound and various recreational facilities and FUNtastic attractions.

    Delight yourselves in the exotic paradise of beauty, interest and adventure, and feel the pleasures of the people’s bayanihan spirit and hospitality.

    Come along and experience the finest things the province could offer. Be captivated by its people distinctive qualities.

   Discover and appreciate the works of creative local artists, their handicrafts and souvenir mementos.

   Experience our rich cultural heritage. Learn more about our culture, traditions, and colorful history.  

   Dine and savor our tasty distinctive foods, innovative cuisine with a homemade touch, and accompanied with personable and attentive service.

  Traveling taught me a few things; one of the most useful is that the best way to know more of our local kababayan is through its markets. 
   Visit its markets that serve the best in fresh fruits, organic vegetables and gourmet food items. Your shopping list will engorge with goodies to bring home. 

   Learn the best places to recreate, enjoy and cherish a truly fascinating experience, and much, much more. In short, here is Just the Best!

Here’s to a worthwhile provincial journey !

Mabunying paglalakbay para sa lahat !

 IFUGAO Tourist Destinations
Dubbed as the "8 th Wonder of the World" is the Banaue Rice Terraces which is the most well known of Ifugao's terraces. Among the other popular terraces in the province are the Bangaan, Batad, Mayoyao and Hapao rice terraces. Magat Dam, the biggest dam in Asia, in the municipality of Alfonso Lista is also an added man-made attraction in the province.

Philippine War Memorial Shrine (Kiangan) 
Gigantic memorial shrine to commemorates the end of World War II. It is a concrete pyramid type structure which resembles an oversized Ifugao native house located at Linda, Kiangan. It could be used as a viewpoint of the Poblacion, other neighboring barangays and the capital town of Lagawe. The shrine is ten (10) kilometers away or 15 minutes drive from the capital town.

Million Dollar Hill
The hill overlooking the Poblacion of Kiangan. It got its name from the last war when the allied armies spent million of dollars worth of bombs and ammunitions to annihilate the enemies in the area.
National Museum (Kiangan)
This museum displays Ifugao artifacts and is under the supervision of the National Museum of the Philippines, with Ms. Rosario Guinid as curator. It is 32 meters facing the shrine and 300 meters away from the Municipal Hall.

Tam-an Village
A typical village situated 240 steps down from the Banaue Hotel's swimming pool. Here, woodcarving and hand-woven products are produced and sold to travelers.
Other scenic sites:
Bocos Village
Poitan Village
Batad Village
Hapao Village
Bangaan Village
This villages are characterized by the presence of a wholesome community where the livelihood activities are within the surroundings, and the houses are clustered in a designated area. These villages showcase the typical Ifugao community.

Bintakan Cave (Lagawe)
It is located at the rocky slope of Ibunao which is about 2 kilometers from the provincial capitol. The mouth of the cave is overlooking the Ibunao river. It is a three-room cave with dripping water that forms stalactites and stalagmites of different beautiful shapes. It can be reached by tricycle ride and 20-minute ascent to the mouth of the cave.

Nah-toban Cave (Lagawe)
The cave is much larger than Bintakan Cave and has a descending entrance with four rooms but there are still other rooms unexplored. It is located at Boliwong, Lagawe, about 4 kilometers hike from the Poblacion passing through trails. Huge quantities of guano are found in the cave.

Tukuhan Sulphur Hot Springs (Tinoc) 
A sulfuric hot spring at Barangay Tukuhan in the Municipality of Tinoc. This can be reached by a two-hour hike from Monsoyosoy, Buguias, Benguet.

Guihob Natural Swimming Pool (Banaue)
A four-kilometer drive from Banaue, Poblacion. One has to hop and jump over huge boulders to reach the crystal clear waters of Guihob. It is a perfect place for those who prefer a cool and refreshing swim.

Tappiya Waterfalls (Banaue)
About 30 minutes from Batad Village is a cascading waterfall with its enormous natural pool for swimming. A visit to Batad would be incomplete without seeing these beautiful waterfalls.

Buyukan Waterfalls (Banaue)
This can only be reached by a three-hour hike from Poblacion, Hungduan. This is located in Barangay Abatan and is near the border of Hungduan and Tinoc municipalities.

Ambuwaya Lake (Kiangan)
Legends says that it was once a large sitio that became a lake because of the killing and making fun of leech in the spring by some children. The lake is deep and good for swimming and boating. The shaded surroundings is an ideal place for picnics. It is now the site of a research on fishing culture. The lake is about four (4) kilometers from the town center of Kiangan and can be reached by four wheel drive vehicles.

Asin Hot Springs
Located in a distant barangay of Hungduan. The Asin Salt Spring is a 12-hour like from Kiangan.

Rice Terraces
Banaue Rice Terraces (Banaue)
A leading tourism destination in the country and considered the "Eight Wonder of the World". The rice terraces starts from the base of the mountain range and reach up to several thousand feet high. It is said that its length, if put end to end would encircle half of the globe. Made about 2,000 years ago, the rice terraces manifest the engineering skill and ingenuity of the sturdy Ifugaos. Streams and springs found in the mountains were taped and channeled into irrigation canal that run downhill through the ride terraces.

Batad Rice Terraces (Banaue)
These rice terraces are tried and take the shape of an amphitheater and is located in barangay Batad. It can be reached by a twelve-kilometer ride from Banaue Hotel and a 2-hour hike through mountain trails.

Mayoyao Rice Terraces (Mayoyao)
This spot is 44 kilometers away from Poblacion, Banaue. This Poblacion of Mayoyao lies in the midst of these rice terraces thus upon arrival in the town, one is awed with a breathtaking view of the rice terraces where all the dikes are tiered with flat stones.

Hapao Rice Terraces (Hungduan)
This is another stonewalled rice terraces located in the municipality of Hungduan and is 55 kilometers from the capital town of Lagawe.

Nayaradan Rice Terraces
Located in Kiangan and these shows how forest management and rice terracing are complementary. 

Magat Dam (Alfonso Lista)
It is reputedly the biggest dam in Asia. This is located near the municipality of Alfonso Lista and about 25 kilometers from the town center of Santa Maria.

Special Interest: 
Mountain Climbing and Village Visits
Reaching some of the tourist spots which involve hiking. For more adventurous tourists, the Ifugao terrain offers ample choice for mountain climbers

Mount Amuyao 
The 8th highest peak in the Philippines with an elevation of 2,702 meters (8,865) above sea level is located between the boundary line of Banaue and Mayoyao and between Ifugao and Mountain Province. Its summits provides the climber with a breath-taking panorama of the Mountain Province, Isabela, Nueva Viscaya and Ifugao. Mayoyao legends says that the first Ifugao couple, Bugan and Wigan took refuge in this mountain during the 40-day deluge that inundated the province. Being the only survivor, they became the first ancestors of the Ifugaos.

Mount Napulawan
Located in the municipality of Hungduan, this mountain is very accessible to mountain trekkers. Conquerors of this peak are fascinated by the thick tropical rain forest and its rare flora. Trees near the peak are unusually short.

Mount Anapawon
Centrally located in Ifugao, this mountain peak is considered the best camping site in the province. It provides a very good view of Hungduan municipality and the low-lying municipalities of Lagawe and Kiangan as well as the rice terraces of Hingyon.

Province of IFUGAO

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