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Isabela City         45

Municipalities    No. of Barangays
Lamitan      45
Sumisip      30
Maluso      20
Ungkaya Pukan      12
Lantawan      25
Tipo-Tipo     11
Tuburan      10
Al-Barka      16
Hadji Mohammad Ajul      11
Akbar      9
Hadji Muhamad      10
Tabuan-Lasa     11

BASILAN Tourist Destinations

Maraming ibat-ibang magagandang tanawin ipinagmamalaki sa isla ng
Basilan. Mayroong mga gusali at monumento na nagsisilbing bantayog
tulad ng Katedral ni Santa Isabel, ang 'Clavio Peak' na kung saan makikita ang 'Chapel of Peace' at 'Kaum Purnah Mosque.
Ang mga nakahahalinang likas na pook tulad ng lawa sa 'Panigayan Fishing Village,' ang lawa ng Sumagdang pati na ang mga talon sa ilog Kumalarang. Ipinagmamalaki din dito ang ibat-ibang kulturang katutubo, tulad ng Badjao, ang Yakan, Tausog, at pamayanan ng mga Muslim.


Philippine Tarsier

Natural Attractions

Kumalarang River   -It boasts of its 14-meter high waterfall, a proposed site for a hydroelectric plant. 

Tabiawan and Busay Waterfalls  -Found in Isabela, a good site for picnics and bathing.

Balagtasan Waterfalls – The biggest waterfall on the island where the Basilan mini-hydro power plant is situated.

Sumagdang Beach – A natural resort for swimming. They have coconut plantations, mini rice fields and fishponds. It is 4 kilometers away from Isabela town proper and accessible by bus, jeepney or tricycle.

Malamawi Island – The main natural attraction of Basilan. Here, a lighthouse guides ships and vintas to the channel. Here can also be found the traditional final resting places of the nomad sea-faring Badjaos and Samal-Luans-Banguingui. It also boasts of the only lake in the province with wild ducks. Also found in Malamawi is the Panigayan fishing village where spearfishing is recommended and the Alano Estates' Bird Sanctuary atop Mts. San Juan and Communal.

Alano White Beach Resort - also found on Malamawi Island, with powdery white sands, day-cottages, and other amenities usually for domestic tourists and local patrons, is widely touted as Basilan's own Boracay minus all the commercial trimmings.

Sunrise/Lanote Resort Row - still undergoing extensive infrastructure upgrades, this area will soon host what locals call the "Resort Row" of Isabela City. Already home to at least 3 fully functional inland resorts (The Farmland, EN4Es, and Biel Pool Resort) less than four more are slated to open along the same road in the next few months.

Bulingan Falls - a mere 15 minutes ride from Lamitan town, will bring you to the natural wonder that is Bulingan Falls, where one can enjoy the magical waterfalls during the day picnicswith family and friends.  

 Churches and Religious Shrines

  • Chapel of Peace, Calvario Peak, Isabela City – An excellent site for photo enthusiasts. Perched 400 meters above sea level and 15 minutes from the town proper.
  • Santa Isabel Cathedral, Isabela City – An art deco cathedral with a mosaic altar reminiscent of Roman-Byzantine cathedrals, named in honor of the patron saint of Isabela.
  • Monte Santo Shrine - located atop Mt. Ubit in Lamitan City, is a pilgrimage site for devout Catholics who visit the shrine for the traditional "13 Stations" during Holy Week.
  • Kaum Purnah Mosque, Isabela City – An old and imposing mosque, the sight of which greets visitors on board ferries as they sail the channel into Isabela.

Historical Sites

  • Datu Kalun Shrine, Lamitan – Built as a tribute to a famous Yakan leader, it is a triangular park located at the heart of Lamitan City's bustling downtown.
  • Museo ng Lamitan – Showcases the color and highlights of the Lami-lamihan festival. It also serves as the information center for the development of Lamitan City.

    Basilan Provincial Capitol
  • Basilan Provincial Capitol - site of Fort Isabela II, the original Fort was bombed and destroyed towards the end of World War II, having been used by the occupying Japanese forces as a munitions dump. A newer Capitol Building was built on the spot where the old Basilan City Hall stood after it was burned in the early 1990s. The new building is a celebration of Muslim and Christian influences which shaped modern-day Basilan, and still occupies the highest point of the City proper.
  • Isabela City Plaza (formerly Plaza Misericordia)/Plaza Rizal - as with every traditional Filipino town, the twin plazas of the City (formerly Plaza Misericordia) and Plaza Rizal, has remained at the very center of Basilan's socio-political scene to this very day. Political rallies, civic events, local programs, night-time entertainment and religious pageants are still held in and around the plaza...which also features an obelisk with the statue of Jose Rizal, a public stage, and a relief map of Basilan island on Plaza Rizal, and a fountain, skating rink, botanical garden and outdoor cafes on the City Plaza.

Fiestas and Festivals

  • Araw ng Basilan - celebrated every March 7 to commemorate the Anniversary of the Province of Basilan.
  • Lami-Lamihan Festival - the island's premier festival, is celebrated during the Feast of St. Peter (Fiesta San Pedro) on June 29 in Lamitan City. The Festival is highlighted by the participation of the Yakans who attend the festivities in full regalia, selling wares and produce brought in from their farms in the interior.
  • Cocowayan Festival - Isabela City's annual commemoration of its Cityhood, is a week-long series of activities culminating in the annual Street Dancing parade on April 25.
  • Fiesta Santa Isabel - celebrated every July 8 by the residents of Isabela City, in honor of its Patroness Saint Elizabeth of Portugal (Span. Sta. Isabel de Portugal), the focal point of the Fiesta celebrations happen around the Sta. Isabel Cathedral located at the center of Isabela's poblacion. This is highlighted by a Procession and Novena Masses, the traditional Bella Isabela Beauty Pageant, marathon, regatta and other activities organized primarily by the Diocese of Basilan and the Prelature of Isabela and its lay organizations the Catholic Women's League (CWL) and Knights of Columbus (KofC).
  • Semana Santa (Holy Week) - March/April (movable) A city procession known as the Santo Entierro (Holy Funeral) on Good Friday highlights the observance of the season of Lent. Celebrated in most parish churches in the city and in the Sta. Isabel Cathedral, the Santo Entierro is a procession of Christ's images, many of the Stations of the Cross, along the city's main streets, depicting his last hours before, during, and after the Crucifixion.
  • Flores de Mayo - May 1–31 A religious feast celebrated in all Catholic churches in honor of the Virgin Mary. Little children in white gala dresses walk up the altar to offer flowers to the image of the Blessed Mother, as the Catholics call her.

Farmland Resort, Lanote,   
       Isabela City, Basilan
  • Fonda de Barangay or Fiestas del Barangay - Week-long celebration in the Barangay/Barrios honoring their patron saints. The celebration usually starts with novena masses held every day for 9 straight days prior the feast day of the patron saint. every night, the barrio is lit up for celebration and merry-making that includes pageants, trade fair, parade, cock-fighting, carnival, musical competition and "baile."
  • Budbud Festival - a quaint example of a Barangay Fiesta celebrated in honor of Nuestra Senora dela Regla of Begang Barangay, otherwise known as Isabela City's "Little Cebu", a majority of whose residents originated from Carmen, Cebu Province. The Festival consists of several days of beauty pageants, street dancing, "budbud" (rice cake) eating and much merry-making.
  • Pascua (Christmas)  - December 25 Celebration of Jesus Christ's Birth. City hall, churches, schools, streetlight post, houses, streets, commercial places, parks and most of the other places in the City are covered with lights, filled with joyous sounds and other Christmas Decorations.
  • Isra Wal Miraj- May 9 An Islamic event celebrating the nocturnal journey and ascension of Muhammad.
  • Eid al-Fitr /Hari Raya Puasa - (movable) An Islamic event commemorating the end of the Muslim fasting season.
  • Maulidin-Nabi - December 27 An Islamic celebration honoring the birthday of Muhammad.
  • Chinese New Year - celebrated every February (movable) mostly for the raucous noise-making, tikoy-eating marathons, and the much-anticipated distribution of "ampaw" by rich Chinese godparents.

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