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Agusan del Sur

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AGUSAN Del SUR Tourist Destinations

One of the few places where golden opportunities abound. 
It is endowed with rich natural resources contained in its vast agricultural, forest, and marsh lands. Moreover, it is considered as the fourth largest province in the country.
One of the best destinations in the country if one wants to commune with nature.
Come and visit our place and experience the great outdoors where nature is at its best.

Agusan Marsh
It is one of the most ecologically significant wetlands in the Philippines. Found in the heart of Mindanao's Agusan Basin, this vast expanse of marsh covers an area roughly the size of Metro Manila. It contains nearly 15 % of the nation's fresh water resources in the form of swamp forests.
During the rainy season, when the water rises to create large lakes, vast number of ducks come to Agusan Marsh to nest. In the dry months, thousands of birds come from as faraway as Japan, China and Russia to escape the chilly winter winds of Northern Asia. Over 200 individual species have been known to spend at least part of the year in the marsh, making it one of Asia's most important transit points for wild birds.
In the very heart of the marsh is a semi-permanent lake where many square kilometres of lily pads, hyacinths and other hydrophytic plants spread out like an enormous green quilt. In the dark tea-colored waters live untold numbers of catfish, carp, soft-shell fresh water turtles, and crocodiles.
Agusan Marsh is also host to "Wonderland", where you can see natural "bonsai" trees crafted by nature. It can be reached from Barangay Caimpogan or from Barangay New Visayas in the municipality of San Francisco.
The tiny community of mostly ethnic Manobos have made their permanent homes deep within the marsh, living on floating homes. The small houses made of bamboo and nipa lashed to hard wood logs, freely rise or fall with the level of the marsh itself. The marsh provides virtually everything the Manobos need.
Bega Falls
The hidden treasure of Agusan del Sur,located in Brgy Mabuhay, Prosperidad,a haven for mountain trekkers, adventure lovers,environmentalists and bio-diversity researchers. You can find the Bega Falls by mountain or river trekking from the Baranggay proper.Once within the realm of the falls, the three-tiered main falls,twin falls,torqouise-green and pristine waters will surely soothen your weary soul. Press onto the whole length of the river channel and you will be lured into the exotic enchantment of jungle paradise.And be sure to know your numbers because you will not be counting only one falls but 18 FALLS, plus the lagoons, cascades,wild flora and fauna, hardwoods and exotic birds,all cradled by a single channel of the river Bega.werwr
Gibong River
It is a stretch of water with a view of unharmed vegetation in its banks. The river is the only gateway to Binaba Falls. It is also the source of water supply irrigating some 60 square kilometres of rice fields of three municipalities in the province.
Binaba Falls
The Binaba Falls is situated in the heart of a jungle-like foot of the mountain, with clear waters emitting from the springs, cascading onto boulders of limestone. The falls offer a very refreshing bath after a fifteen-minutes ride on a motor-banca from the mini wharf of Prosperidad town passing along the Gibong River.But the previous municipal administration introduced tourism development related project which damages the topography and altered the landscape.Gone were the cascades that was replaced by a concrete steps leading to swimming pool on a narrow ridge. The need to increase the town's water supply also led to the construction of concrete reservoires adding destruction to the natural landscape.
Tugunan Falls
The name derived from the word "Tugon" meaning a promise, Tugonan waterfalls in Barangay San Lorenzo of Prosperidad Town offers a natural wonder where one will surely promise to come back after a visit. The towering trees on its vicinity with wild ornamental plants and orchids hanging on branches, one could have dreamed having gone to paradise.

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